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Talent Show by The Lab @ Southern University Laboratory School

Auditions Rules & Regulations

  • Participants will be selected on a first come, first serve basis (pending suitability of content for public performance, space/equipment constraints, and the desired length of the show.)

  • No one will be allowed to perform in the competition if he/she has not registered and submitted 30 second – 1 minute audition video.

  • The following categories will be permitted for performance singing, dancing, instrumentals, poetry, readings, comedy, drama, skits, athletic skills/tricks and novelty acts.

  • The uses of batons, pyrotechnics, dangerous equipment or live animals are prohibited.

  • All acts must be appropriate for family and compliant with school’s code of conduct.

  • Each entry will be 30 seconds to 1 minute time to perform audition.

  • Auditions are submitted via email for appropriateness purpose only @ with name and talent in subject line.

  • Any cancellations for performing for the talent show should be reported to our

office by 12:00 noon (November 6, 2015)

  • Due to space, time and equipment constraints, we cannot allow bands to


  • CDs/tapes are allowed for accompaniment only. They must consist of only the

item being used for the performance. Contestants are responsible for picking up

their CDs/tapes

  • Lip sync and karaoke are not permitted.

  • Participants are responsible for their own props and costumes.

  • The Southern University Laboratory School are not responsible for theft/damage or injury of any kind, to persons or instruments, props, clothing etc., during, before or after the performance.

  • All props and costumes must be picked up after performance.

  • No sexually explicit, vulgar, obscene or racially slurred content or actions will be

permitted. No risqué’ costuming or racial body painting is allowed. If contest judges consider the performance to be in poor taste, no points will be awarded. Participants will be escorted off the stage if at anytime the performance is unacceptable according to Talent Show by The Lab rules and regulations.

  • Professional entertainers are not eligible. A professional is anyone whose livelihood is from the type of performance entered in the competition.

  • Be prepared to enter and exit the performance area quickly to keep the show flowing. Therefore, plan ahead with any “set up/tear down” your performance might require.

  • Participants are required to have the Risk and Responsibility Form signed and turned in with entry form. Participation will not be allowed without the signed forms.

  • Parent/guardian must be present with contestants under the age of 18. Parent/guardian must sign registration form if under the age of 18 years of age.

  • All acts must complete the media release form.

  • Please direct all questions to

  • Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Talent Show organizers.


Parental/Guardian Warning
Negative interference by any contestant parent, guardian or guest will result in disqualification and possible removal from the premises.


Registration Information
All forms must be completed and received by November 2nd, 2015. Accompanying the application must be a 30 second to 1 minute video emailed to with name and talent in subject line.

Note: Actual Performance time is 3 minutes.


Youth Category Youth ages 4-11

Teen Category ages 12-18

Other Category: Alumni (18 or older)


Entry Fee
A $10.00 non-refundable entry fee for individual entries will be paid accompanying the entry forms. A $30.00 fee for applications accepted after Nov. 2nd, 2015.


Selection of applicants (approved talent)
Depending on the number of applications received, a selection committee may come into effect to determine performers. Approval is based on discretion, family friendly output and first come, first serve basis.


Proof of Age (Youth Category)
Should a contestant’s age come into question; proof of birth date will be required (copy of birth certificate)


Judging will be based on but not limited to the following criteria:
Talent – (ability, expertise, skill, proficiency, knowledge)
Showmanship – (Poise, confidence, projections, adaptability, stage presence) Costume/staging – (clever, creative, appropriate, continuity, special effects)


Each act will have up to 3 minutes to perform and up to 2 minutes to set up. Point deduction – for going over time limits.


Decisions made by the judges are final. Disputes with officials or judges concerning these decisions will result in disqualification.


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