the Power of 


Southern University Laboratory School salutes it's Superheroes who bestow immeasurable dedication of their time, talent and treasure to ensure resources are available to sustain it's legacy of excellence to come.



The Power of               is a 10-week 


Southern University Laboratory 

School’s history and future endeavors 

while recognizing the Superheroes of 

“The Lab School Family”. 


Our alumni and community 

partners are the Superheroes who have provided 

in-kind donations, hours of  volunteerism

and/or financial commitments to “The Lab School” 

and we want to recognize their

accomplishments and contributions. 


The campaign will culminate with a soirée on 

July 23rd at the Shaw Center of 

the Arts (3rd Bert & Sue Turner Gallery).

The event will include a silent auctions and others 

ways attendees can contribute to 

Southern University Laboratory School.


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