Superhero J. Bertell Davis, Class of 1971

"Super Hero" is a term that I dare not use when referring to myself.

I was, however, fortunate enough to play alongside or behind some of the greatest "linemen" to ever wear the GREEN & GOLD.

Guys like Alfred West, Robert & Noel Montgomery, Horace Moody,

Terrance Sims, Wayne McClain, and Willie Brister, to name a few.

They were all older and more experienced than I was, but I was big and strong and quick enough to help "push them" into becoming, arguably, the best offensive and defensive linemen in the state, for the last two seasons that the L.I.A.L.O. was in existence.

I lost my senior season, due to a devastating injury that I sustained my Junior year; but guys like Edwin Cooks, Kenard Wright, Arthur Robinson, Jimmy Moody, Tony Lombard, Anthony Lacy, Rex Wheelock, Malcolm Glasper, David Gearalds, Brainard Steward, and Isaiah Johnson came to be recognized as the best offensive and defensive linemen in the "new" L.H.S.A.A. .

During my high school years, The KITTENS posted a record of 49-3-1 under Legendary Coach Larney Owens.

No, I was never a "super hero" on the "gridiron". I was a pretty solid contributor, and just another guy who was determined to give his All for the KITTENS!

I did, however, help to bring home 3 State Championships in Concert Band,

3 State Championships in Chior,

3 time All-State Choir,

2 time La. Most Outstanding Bass,

1 time La. Most Outstanding Baritone,

2 Superior Ratings in English,


1- Excellent Rating in Mathematics.

I will always be grateful to the dedicated educators who motivated me to embrace and enhance "The Lab Tradition”. I think of them often.

The instruction and advise of people like: Dr. Thomas Wilcox, Dr. Isaac Greggs, Dr. Thelma Bradford, Coach Larney Owens, Dr. Henry Young,

Mrs. Nellrose Jordan, and Mrs. Lyndia Mims Williams held me in goodstead as an undergraduate at Southern University, as well as during my time as a Seminarian at N.O.B.T.S. .

As pastor of two historic congregations in Baton Rouge, Magnolia B.C. and

First Little Rock B.C., I'm still applying skills that I acquired during "THE LAB YEARS”.

I do believe that Heaven is GREEN and GOLD!

One thing I do know is this: At Southern Lab, Tradition Never Graduates!

PHI SOUTHERN HI, 'Til the Day I Die !