Lab Superhero J.G. Dorsey Class of '69

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SULAB mean's everything to me and a bag of chips! The opportunity to acquire knowledge through education from excellent instructors that inspired me to do more than expected in class, to exceed even far exceeded what was expected through research and development after the class ended. To think big ...that the world is changing, people are changing. People’s attitudes toward black people will change for a better America. Be ready and be prepared to apply your knowledge acquired for real life situations and never stop studying in your professional field of work. Always be responsible and accountable for your actions. I recognized over my forty-four years of a career as a business practitioner and live by it today that the desire and commitment for success triumphs the fear to fail!

J.G. Dorsey Class of 1969. Geaux Jaguar Kittens.

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July 23rd, 2015