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Why purchase school supplies by June 5th?

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Why purchase school supplies in June? School Supply America is providing Southern Lab with an amazing service. The teacher's list, according to grade level, will arrive packaged and completed to school (FREE shipping). That's right!

+ Many parents prefer spending time with their kids at the park rather than shopping at crowded stores for school supplies. + Many "Back-To-School" sales at the retail stores only offer discounts on a couple of items so you pay full retail price on the other items. Also, many times they run out of certain items on the supply lists, especially if you wait for late summer sales. + Based on the exact teacher approved supply list. Your store may not have all of the exact supplies on your list. + Compare this price to the prices at the store. This price should be lower. We maintain low overhead (no expensive retail space, etc.), purchase the school supplies directly from the manufacturers and pass the savings along to you. + Each student order comes in a sturdy cardboard briefcase with handle that can be used for saving school papers each year. + Your order will be delivered to the school before the first day of class.

Please visit:

We are excited to introduce something new to the Kitten Family! Below you will find instructions on how to view and order the school supply packages. 1) Copy and paste the link above into your browser. 2) View the list of schools on the left side of the screen and select Southern Univ. Lab. 3) There are Pre-made school supply packages ready to order for your convenience!

Last day has been extended to June 5, 2015!

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