What's the BUZZing at the The Lab ... THE MINI-LABS & EXXON MOBIL

The Mini-Labs hosted their monthly event with the invitation to Exxon Mobil along with the Southern University System Foundation to visit and see ... "What's BUZZing?"

The Mini-Labs provided an interactive learning environment from Pre-K to 12th grade. The students are engaged in Engineering, Law Departmental activities and STEM programming. They have mock trails and science experiences lead by student teachers, the faculty of Southern University and business leaders in the community. Exxon Mobil toured the facility and was fascinated by the creation of the new millennium drive to provide education and life-based experiences fostered in a nurturing environment. The Mini-Labs not only serve The Lab School but it's surrounding community and local schools.

Please stay tuned for the latest activity at The Mini-Labs!!

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