Math & Science Night Adding to the Success of SULAB

Southern Lab had a FANTASTIC Math & Science Night. Parents and students were surrounded with fun learning science projects, hands on math activities, presentations on Common Core, internet learning programs, scavenger hunts, interactive math drills, and much more!

Mrs. Dixon, the Accountability Coordinator of Southern Lab, performed an excellent job wih organizing this event.

Several teachers and Exxon Mobil brought Math & Science to life through visual aids and practical applications. Parents were able to practice student-learning techniques and learn more about the process of assessing their student’s skills. They were heavily engaged in the process and very pleased with the overall experience.

The Kitten Club sponsored the event with burgers on the grill, refreshments, snacks and prizes.

A special thank you to Exxon Mobil, Mrs. Dixon, Kitten Club, SGA and all the TEACHERS who made Math & Science Night a success.

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