Southern Lab STUDENT Spotlight

Carldrick Neff has been a devoted Southern University Laboratory School Kitten for 14 years, and is the third generation of his family to attend Southern University Laboratory School. Carldrick has received his certification in Youth Mental Health, maintained honor roll, and has been Student Government Association Vice-President for two years in a row. He also attends New Zion Baptist Church in Gurley, Louisiana, where he is a Junior Deacon.


In Carldrick's spare time he enjoys helping others, reading medical research, and hanging out with friends. Carldrick has strong feelings against urban violence. He feels that we need to come together as one, instead of fighting against one another.

Carldrick's favorite book is Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. His favorite movie and play is The Wiz. Carldrick's favorite types of food are Italian and Mexican. Carldsick's favorite song is Let it Go by James Bay. His favorite scripture is "Everything is possible for him who believes." - Mark 9:23.

Carldrick has traveled extensively across America. Carldrick plans to participate in activities such as, CI: Health Care and Day with the Doctors. Those programs interest him because he aspires to become a doctor or dentist.

Carldrick' s role model is his cousin, Dr. James Slaughter, III a dentist and a 1998 graduate of Southern University Laboratory School. He is Carldrick's role model because; Carldrick aspires to become a doctor or dentist and plans to follow in his cousin's footsteps. Carldrick takes in everything at one time, and processes it so that it comes to perfection.

Carldrick says, " The most rewarding part about Southern University Laboratory School is the FAMILY feeling, and the students and teachers make it all worthwhile." Carldrick would like to regenerate some of the old ideas from SU Lab of the past and revise those ideas for today's use. Carldrick plans to add more skill focuses to his repertoire.

One thing people may not know about Carldrick, is that he is devoted to everything he does, and does not let anything or anyone stop him. He is very determined.

Carldrick's life plan is to attend Southern University, major in biology and become the SGA President. He then plans to attend LSU New Orleans or Meharry Medical College. Carldrick then plans to become an Obstetrics and Gynecologist or Dentist. In the next 25 years Carldrick plans to open a program for teens interested in the medical field.

The best compliment Carldrick has received was that he is a very intelligent, mind focused young man.

Carldrick's best advice that he gives to new students is, " Come ready to join a welcoming family and new experiences."

Carldrick says he has enjoyed his time here at Southern University Laboratory School, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him.