Developing School Gardens by the Southern University AG Center

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The Eradicating Food Deserts in Neighborhoods through the Development of School Gardens project seeks to successfully educate local community people and students on the importance of growing their own produce. The project will utilize a holistic, hands-on approach to gardening in conjunction with the newly developed, self-produced SUAREC Community Gardening Curriculum.

A special thank you to:

Tiffany Franklin, Project Director

Stephanie Elwood, Extension Associate - Community Gardener

Mitchell Provensal, Volunteer

Ms. Carter-Robinson, Southern Lab Teacher

Youth who participate in this project will be introduced to a variety of nutrition-related, technology, gardening, and physical fitness activities. Each component of the project will work toward positive attitudes regarding nutrition and gardening. The objectives of the project will be accomplished through classroom instruction of the 14-lesson SUAREC curriculum, additional 4-H Youth Development Curriculums, and hands-on demonstrations.

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There are elementary and middle schools within close proximity to the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center who can benefit from learning new techniques about gardening, which can do the following: Increase nutritional awareness, assist with lowering the obesity rate, save money in low-income households, increase leadership development skills and self-esteem among youth, increase environmental stewardship, and decrease health risks associated with diabetes and heart disease.

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Through this unique program, Extension Agents and Associates will certify students, ages 13-17 as Youth Master Gardeners, as there is no existing curriculum which certifies youth with mastery level gardening skills.

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