Carmen Alfred was crowned our First Miss Kitten 2014 of Southern Lab

Saturday, September 23rd, was a delightful afternoon as the young contestants graced the runway. They dawned their favorite active wear, Sunday’s best and answered questions. Each contestant participated in a fundraiser that yield over $2600 for the Kitten Club.

Thank you to all of the family and friends who supported the participants. Special thanks to Coach Haynes for the custom pageant banner, Nedina Flowers, Carolyn Field and President Erika Washington for the set-decor, Van Moore and parents for set-break down and clean up.

Carmen Alfred - Miss Kitten 2014

Khloe Kelly - 1st Maid

Dynastee Jacobs - 2nd Maid

Kaylnn Dabney - 3rd Maid

Miss Kitten won a $500.00 Scholarship for Tuition and a Swag Bag including Sugarbelle Treats, SLA Rhinestone Pin Corsage, Twinkle Spa Sleep Mask and a scholarship to Fashion Camp. The Maids also won the Swag Bag valued at $100.

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