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The Story … Kittens on the M.O.V.E.


Since 1922, Southern University Laboratory School graduates have gone on to become some of the most successful and influential African Americans throughout our nation.  It is imperative that we build from those successes to continue the legacy of caring and developing the future leaders of our country.


With the new administration, the dedicated faculty and increased enrollment we are poised to become the premier learning environment in Baton Rouge, LA but we need the support of the entire Kitten family to ensure the school and resources are ready to enter the new millennium. Our immediate needs are for increased teacher support, a Student Lounge, Foreign Languages for Elementary, Technology Integration – Laptops/Tablets, Science Equipment and much more.


The Kittens on the M.O.V.E Campaign is on a MISSION to bring OPPORTUNITIES with the VISION to EMPOWER the next generation.


Please click here for full campaign and how to donate.  Thank you.


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